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How it works

Just give the details about the problem you want to be fixed. It's FREE to submit a task.

1. Submit a Task

Submit a task with the bugs or problems you want to be fixed on your webpage, all for free!

2. Task is reviewed

Within minutes, your task is reviewed to verify whether you have provided all the information needed to start working on it.

3. Pay

You will pay for the service only when all information is provided the task is ready to be started.

4. Task is resolved

Sit back and relax while your page is being cleaned of bugs and issues. The delivery time is under six hours.

Services included in a task

A task includes fixing any number of bugs or errors like the ones shown below.

Responsive Design issues

Misaligned content

Display & Layout issues

Cross browser issues

HTML & CSS issues

W3C Markup Validation

Navigation issues

JavaScript bugs or errors

Why Daco?

Daco is a simple and fast platform where you can resolve small but painful front-end bugs or errors.

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Price Range
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Delivery Time
Under 6h
A few days

I have more than seven years of experience in front-end development. In the past five years, I have assisted thousands of clients to resolve their HTML, CSS, and JavaScript issues. I started Daco as a side project to offer a simple and fast platform to resolve small but painful front-end bugs.

Mihai Buricea, Founder of Daco
Mihai Buricea, Founder of Daco

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the result or your guidelines are not met, you will get your money back. With Daco, you are always safe.

Clients Reviews

Website owners who have tried the assistance of Daco in solving problems associated with their websites have sweet stories to tell!


An outstanding product for a great price. I received a friendly solution from the author within minutes of my inquiry!
Extremely satisfied with this purchase!!!!


Awesome! It just does what I wanted, and many more things too. Thank you very much bmihai, you completely deserve these five stars.


Great product and served my purpose beautifully. I had a minor issue and the author pointed me in the right direction promptly.


I had an issue and author was amazing and helped right away!


Great customer support, very efficient and responsive.


This worked nicely for me. Very quick response to bug report also - thanks...

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